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Overview and structure

The Bank page, accessible from the Management section, represents the player's personal account. All business bank accounts can be accessed from the respective airline's page. They are identical in structure and offer a similar range of functions.

Orderer: Name of the player or system-side actor who has commissioned a transaction. Therefore, the ordering party can be both the beneficiary and the charged party. The field has a filter function that can be used to display transactions of specific principals.

Orderer Account No.: The account number of the ordering party.

Recipient: Again, this can be both the beneficiary and the charged player or actor. This column also contains a full text search input field to filter the transactions.

Receiver Account No.: Account number of the recipient.

Purpose: Meaning and purpose of the transaction. For fuel deliveries, the quantity ordered is also indicated here.

Date/Time: Time of the transaction.

Cost center: Cost center touched by the transaction.

Revenue: Credit side of the account.

Expenses: Debit side of the account.

If a search was made by date, the “Show all entries” button is used to reset the display and show all entries.

ID check (only in the bank account of airlines): If the value “-1” appears in the FG-ID column (also only to be found with airlines), the correct ID of the airline can be assigned via the ID check.

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