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! = fixed
~ = changed
+ = added
- = removed
i = info



2020-04-06 Build#195

  • ~ “fuel spike” is ignored for one cycle
  • + added debug output for “received fuel” (will flood the logfile!)
  • + added unit to “Refuelling …” message
  • ~ corrected some links that didn't work anymore after some server-sided “rewrite magic” ;-)
  • - removed the “time slip” warning message

2020-03-29 Build#193

  • ! entering spaces in the username field is now allowed
  • + Spaces the the beginning or end of the username will now toggle the input field orange
  • ! LiveMap button may work now in Linux :-)
  • + Help-Button that points to the YAACARS-Wiki

2019-12-24 Build#192

  • JoSePH branch

2019-11-16 Build#191

  • ~ updates now point to the download page
  • ~ tweaked thresholds for pause detection
  • + LiveMap link button
  • + diff values for loading payload/fuel
  • + ScratchPad content can now be loaded and saved.
  • + “default.ysp” file will be loaded to the ScratchPad on startup or when pressing the “load default” button
  • ~ mapServer is updated with current location all the time (not only after the flight is started)
  • + mapServer now also provides start-lat/lon to show the “resume location”
  • ~ client width has been enlarged a bit
  • ~ refuel info message is triggered with 5lbs now instead of 1lbs
  • + removed-time is updated when time is trimmed to max values when ending the flight

2019-11-10 Build#190

  • + Block/FlightTime checks on Endflight (also limiting max flight time to 20hrs)
  • ~ Server-Timeout Errors should be more self-explaining
  • ! fixed Link to “resume FAQ
  • + client can be resized to some extend for bigger fonts (e.g. on 4k displays)
  • - Show current Lat/Lon button
  • ! ARR and ALT coords haven't been looked up when ICAO was changed by user
  • + missing coords now blocks starting the flight
  • + curl-fetch 28 (timeout) creates a better to understand log message

2019-11-08 Build#189

  • + accuTime fixes
  • + username is pushed to liveMap
  • ! FlightNo can no longer be entered manually

2019-11-03 Build#188

  • ~ locations in track_update are now sent as floats :-)

2019-11-03 Build#187

  • + added extra recognition for pause: “not moving with a speed greater zero”
  • + added button to show current coords in skyvector
  • ~ tweaked warping messages
  • ~ merged mapserver track_update and current_pos commands

2019-11-03 Build#186

  • ! track_update now also sends the track no

2019-11-03 Build#185

  • ~ tweaked logic for waypoint generation with high(5s)/low(60s) timeouts and hdg override
  • ! waypoints are no longer generated at the same location

2019-11-02 Build#184

  • + waypoints are recorded less often on a static flight path
  • + tracking-update now receives the livemap information of other pilots

2019-11-01 Build#183

  • + local server on port 1111 to host livemap
  • ~ download/update locations moved to FTW-Server
  • ~ some cosmetic changes for the mac client


2019-10-22 Build#182

  • + RETT and MISS are updating every 5secs
  • + added missions to the rescue mode
  • ! fixed fuel names
  • ~ added a small overlap to prevent refuel

2019-10-17 Build#180

  • ~ reworked lot of stuff (for resumed flights)
  • - removed non-essential stuff for the rework


2019-10-13 Build#169

  • ! entering/saving password fixed
  • + Output-Dir written to log for info
  • - “server update” messages only for debug now
  • + fuelDiff is shown after grace period now
  • ~ fuelDiff has a wider margin now
  • ~ fuelDiff blinking frequency reduced
  • + fuelDiff shows FTW/SIM now

2019-10-05 Build#168


  • Server-to-Client data are also covered by a md5 checksum now
  • Client version is written to the db on getting the flight data


  • ~ completely reworked the fuel system logic - splitted up FTW-fuel and SIM-fuel
  • + added a “beep sound inhibit button” that is useful when resuming the flight in the air
  • ! fixed some quirks that appeared when resuming a flight
  • + added changelog button in about page
  • ~ reformatted the about page contents

2019-10-05 Build#166/alpha


  • ~ used fuel is accumulated from diffs now
  • ~ flight times are accumulated from diffs now
  • + fight resume (get data, start flight) implemented
  • ~ removed legacy code for “fuel used” calc
  • ~ removed legacy code for “flight times” calc

First flight done with suspend/resume:

2019-10-04 Build#165/alpha


  • + added MD5 message validation
  • + reset flight feature


  • + added MD5 message validation
  • - removed metar/simbrief/skyvector buttons and options/actions
  • - removed the “connect to sim” button and replaced by auto-connect
  • ~ it's allowed to (re)“Get Flight Data” until the flight is started
  • - removed “offline” mode for now (because noone was testing it)
  • + added reset button to restart the flight w/o restarting from FTW
  • + added suspend button to resume flight later
  • ! check for FTW Flt# works again

2019-10-03 Build#164/alpha


  • + splitted result and message
  • - removed the server connection check when ending the flight
  • ~ moved info messagebox before sending the end-flight data
  • + data hash to check data validity

2019-10-02 Build#163/alpha


  • + removed certain entries from logging
  • + UTF-Encoding for all data sent to client
  • + server warning when flight_state != 1 on update events (should fix special char in A350-500 and Plane Reg #)


  • ! Typo “Fligth”
  • + “end flight” will also show server error messages now
  • ~ isRescue is now determined by mission_type, not on the flight#


2019-09-22 Build#162

  • ~ Overfuelling will no longer stop tracking the flight revoked from #161 - will be done in the next version
  • + “Percent done” is no longer shown for Rescue Missions
  • + JSON ERROR: will now log the raw json string for debugging
  • ! Fixed lost connection detection to X-Plane
  • ! about-Tab is the default page again
  • ~ wording “Pirep” changed to “end flight”
  • ~ OACARS changed to YAACARS in the IP Dialog

2019-09-18 Build#161

  • + Fuel Levels are checked again when flight is started
  • ~ Overfuelling will no longer stop tracking the flight
  • + Arr/Alt ICAOs can be altered in YAACARS
  • - removed simBrief /SV / METAR Buttons
  • - removed Plane ICAO
  • ~ copylatlon2clip will warn when not connected to sim
  • - for Rescue Missions the stats “|>” & “>|” & “x%” are no longer shown
  • -removed need for internal XAACARS tracking number

2019-09-15 Build#159

  • ~ reworked the procedure to enter password
  • ! Aborted Message was not triggered
  • + open settings tab, if password is missing
  • ~ coords of changed airport ICAOs are taken from apdb
  • ~ access to DevServer Script
  • ~ quit without notice unless flight tracking is running

2019-09-14 Build#156

  • + FTW Server Info Message Box
  • + Flight aborted Message Function
  • - Paste FlightNo disabled for FTWjson
  • ~ Dep/Arr/Alt ICAO can be changed again
  • + DevServer Access
  • ~ Airport Check narrowed from 10 to 2 miles

2019-09-11 Build#155

  • ~ locked the protocol dropdown
  • - removed some more debug logs
  • + added fuel on board fields for vatsim

2019-09-11 Build#154

  • + enforcing FTWJSON protocol
  • - removed check for reusing flight ID
  • - no longer checking at arrival airport for “RETxxx” flights
  • ~ reduced logging

2019-09-10 Build#153

  • + Support for new YAACARS-Terminal in FTW


2019-09-08 Build#149

  • + added Callsign for VATSIM flightplan
  • + Beta-Changes for new Terminal
  • ! Miles flown shown the correct value again

2019-09-06 Build#147

  • + support for filing a VATSIM flightplan
  • + fuel fields now also allow the format “ kg” and “ lb” formats to make pasting from FTW easier
  • ! shown cooldown time after landing on “end flight” button inverted
  • ~ on rescue missions there is no waiting time after landing
  • ~ updating KML position file changed from 30secs to 5secs
  • + added additional warnings when trying to send the pirep

2019-08-11 Build#145/146

  • ~ fixed a bug related to rescue missions

2019-08-10 Build#144

  • + added some more items to the scratchpad
  • + added load html template button to scratchpad
  • + “end flight” button is now showing the one-minute delay before you actually can end the flight
  • - removed opening of changelog

2019-08-08 Build#142

  • ~ ChangeLog should now only open after an update has been installed
  • ~ fixed a typo
  • ~ Distances on InfoBar not being visible

2019-08-06 Build#141

  • + Contents from clipboard are pasted to “flight number” field, if the field is empty and the “Get Flt Plan” button is pressed
  • + yaacars.lua is updated when flight is finished/aborted or YAACARS exits
  • + location checks are skipped, if the flight no starts with “RET-”
  • + “copy Lat/Lon to clipboard” button to “snapshot” places when creating rescue missions
  • + YAACARS enters “Offline-Mode” when sending an POS update to the server fails, retrying every 5 mins
  • ! opening of Changelog page

2019-07-25 Build#139

  • ~ compat for missions
  • + inhibit button


2019-07-05 Build#138

  • + “end flight” button is now locked depending on the current flight state
  • ~ added some logic to prevent calculating of block and flight time when not landed yet
  • ~ FSUIPC events are throttled down to fire not more than once a sec

2019-07-02 Build#137

  • ! fixed milesPerSecond computation! Sorry for that - must have been late night ;-)
  • + FOB now shows both values (current=orange and expected=green) when refuelling was detected
  • + Scratch Pad
  • + Location of readme.txt moved
  • ~ SB/SV checkboxes moved to options tab

2019-06-30 Build#136

NOTAMAW: !!! “pause times will not be counted” bug may be back due to the changes !!! Please enable debugging and check, if pause times gets accumulated on your system !!!

  • ~ flight recording reworked for UDP and FSUIPC connections (be aware!)
  • ~ added compatibility for Concorde top speed
  • + FlightNo gets trimmed before used
  • + options tab
  • + “warn sound off” option

2019-06-23 Build#134

  • ~ changed the “update send” timeout from 3 to 10 secs

2019-06-23 Build#133

  • ~ changed the way the distances are tracked now (still mac debugging)

2019-06-20 Build#132

  • + Added some debug code for warp issues on macs


2019-06-17 Build#131

NOTAM: all created files are now stored in the system's Documents/YAACARS folder (like c:\Users\teddii\Documents\YAACARS). Remember to change the pathes in the loadManager.lua and in Google Earth, if you are using netlinks!

  • ~ SkyVector and/or SimBrief are launched when clicking “Start Flight” now
  • ~ all created files are now saved in Documents/YAACARS Folder (this will also allow YAACARS on macs to save the airport database)

2019-06-16 Build#129

  • ~ RT → Real
  • ~ changed light red to tomato red for better contrast
  • + “not connected” is now slowly blinking
  • ~ “flight not started” warning will now also alert you, even when no flight was loaded before
  • ~ “Data are not the same as in FTW” → “may be outdated”
  • + added “autorun” features for simbrief and SkyVector after a flightplan has been loaded
  • + KML Route output (limited to DEP and ARR for now)
  • ! Warp should no longer being detected when sending updates to the FTW servers fails
  • + Testing of new Terminal enabled for selected users


2019-06-09 Build#127

  • ~/! changed the way the pause time is calculated
  • + added batch script for windows users to reset all saved settings


2019-06-04 Build#126

  • ~ “Flight tracking running …” is shown again after starting the flight

2019-05-31 Build#125

  • + added some audiovisual warnings to the infoBar when the flight is not started (when not connected to sim, or when start moving and flight is not started)
  • + log overfuel details to debug log
  • - writing of yaacars-related datarefs to xplane removed (there are issues with other planes using the xlua interface that the yaacars-interface.lua relies on; so this is not the way to go! The lua-loadManager will be featured from now on)

2019-05-17 Build#123

  • ~ Refuelling has been changed. It's no longer stopping the flight tracking, but it will stop counting “fuel used”, until the “last known fuel level” has been reached again. The “Fuel on Board” fields will light up orange to show this state.
  • + added colors for InfoBar items “Percent done” and “Fuel on Board”
  • ~ the “Server returned error message” (which is “login failed” in most cases) is now shown more clearly in the dialog box
  • + added an UpdateInfo text field to make the update button functions more clear

2019-05-13 Build#121

  • + InfoBar now shows FOB, FU and dist flown in nm and %
  • ! InfoBar is back on top now


2019-05-10 Build#120

  • let's see, if can find out on your own :-p

2019-04-25 Build#119

  • ~ applied voodoo and such to eleminate transition glichtes for the connection state


2019-04-22 Build#118

  • ! disabled refuel detection for now

2019-04-20 Build#117

  • ! “REFUEL” message in the log will now be reported only when a refuel event occurs (after the given grace period)
  • ~ changed info bar prio to report pause first over refuel/simrate errors
  • ~ refuel will no longer trigger while in pause

2019-04-13 Build#116

  • ~ reworked the About Page
  • ~ Landing lights limits set to 9500/10500ft
  • + Mini Status Overlay Window

2019-04-07 Build#114

  • ! Pause times are no longer counted as flight time / rental time
  • ~ refuel event triggers delayed after 3secs now
  • + block/flight/pause times are written to the log when ending the flight
  • ~ tried to fix FSUIPC reconnect issue (not tested, but shouldn't be worse than before :-) )
  • + added some code to make url calls compatible with https requests

2019-02-22 Build#112

  • ! FSUIPC-Connect works again

2019-02-21 Build#111

  • ~ reconnecting after crashed sim has to be done manually now (to be able to refuel/restart/whatever the plane before continuing the flight)
  • ! curl-errors will be handled correctly now when pirep is send
  • ! fixed message “not properly connected” when starting a flight, even when “connected” was green already
  • ! “tracking” was replaced by “AS_TRACKING” in all text messages by accident
  • ! yaacars.lua will be generated correctly again

2019-02-15 Build#110

  • ~ before the pirep is actually send, YAACARS will now “ping” the server with a “login” message and shows the result “OK/FAIL”. You will see, if the “login” needs a lot of time, so you can decide on your own now, if you want to send the pirep or cancel sending the pirep and try again later!
  • + added “is another copy of YAACARS already running?” to the “bind failed message as a reminder
  • ! negative fuel values are no longer accepted by the sim
  • ! CLIMB/DESCEND status updates working again
  • ! tracking dataref is working again

2019-02-10 Build#107

  • ! added the shorter liveserver timeouts also to the XACARS part for testing

2019-02-07 Build#106

  • ! sort of “fixed” floating fuel tank values of FF7x7

2019-02-06 Build#105

  • ~ Refuel does no longer cancel the flight tracking! Instead, flight tracking is suspended until fuel reaches the “last known valid level” again. This has been implemented for two reasons: a) DocBrown :-) and b) easier resuming the flight after a crash.

  • ~ Blocktime is now counting immediately (again) when starting the flight, but will be limited to 30mins max before takeoff. Same applies for time after landing.
  • ~ FSUIPC polltime is set back to 1s
  • ~ Start-/End-Flight maximum Speed raised from 2kts to 6kts (for better handling of float planes)
  • ~ set shorter timeouts (3secs) to live server updates, so they will time out within a “distant measurement cycle” to avoid WARPing conditions
  • + added a checkbox for puppypower to fine tune internet connection issues (for now it will reduce live server update from 15sec to 150secs)
  • ~ reworked the pause time computation for UDP connection, so any “suspend event” will also pause the flight time now
  • ~ the top “state bar” will now show the states “Tracking”, “Disconnected” and “Suspended”, “Paused” more detailed
  • ~ when tracking is suspended, the “alive” dataref is no longer updated, so the YAACARS Interface will show an “alive disagree” to alert the pilot
  • ! Fixed a typo when starting flight with too high GS

2019-01-20 Build#100

  • + ChangeLog will open in Browser when new version is installed
  • + Flight can only be logged 60 seconds after being landed
  • + Flight can still be logged when already landed, but sim crashes
  • + skyvector button
  • ~ After a Landing and taking off again the flight time will continue to count
  • ~ Switching over to “summary tab” now after sending the pirep
  • ! Fixed debug output “speed” on Distance tracking
  • ! “ARR > % done” will no longer has negative values after start


2019-01-14 Build#99

  • + Airport-Database will now be checked and updated on startup
  • ~ updater now only informs about updates, but does not “autoupdate” to the release build anymore
  • ! if the arrival airport is unknown, the client will no longer check for the distance when landed
  • ! updater now works within a directory structure containing spaces

2019-01-13 Build#94

  • ~ extended the “aircraft name” field
  • + “check airline flight” checkbox will be restored
  • ~ exchanged the messagebox (blocking the app from running) when a “tracking abort” event occurs with a colored band on top to show the fligth tracking state

2019-01-12 Build#93

  • ! Alt airport computations fixed
  • ~ WARPing disabled for now (WARPed miles will not be counted)
  • ~ “cant find airport” are now info popups
  • ~ Flight Plan page revamped
  • ~ Payload check now has a margin of 3%
  • + % of tracked distance to the arrival airport now shown
  • + SimBrief Button added
  • + autologin
  • + “get Flightplan” button
  • + “Check for Airline Flight” checkbox
  • ~ updater will no longer show errors when trying to extract Files
  • ~ updater window does no longer auto-close, but waits for use input

2019-01-08 Build#84

  • + yaacars will not allow you anymore to start a flight with the same flight number for a second time. You have to restart the flight in FTW to get a new number first
  • + added “distances to …”: Departure, Arrival, Alternate airport and “percent done” to the “flight data” page
  • ~ to be able to send the pirep, you now need to be on ground and have a ground speed of about 0
  • ~ the FSUIPC polltimer has been reduced to 5secs to see if performance in P3D will change
  • ~ even with a blocked UDP port at startup YAACARS now can still be used with FSUIPC on WINDOWS
  • ~ changed the colors to reflect better what input field *should* be touched and which ones *can* be touched
  • ! Flown miles shown in Messagebox where wrong! (Thanks to vladyi for finding it!)

2019-01-07 Build#82

  • ! Copilot's “Hi” goes to the correct box now
  • ! aligned Text in “pirep sent!” messagebox
  • ~ Update-Process should run in a dos-box now
  • + alt airport can be edited (just for metar info right now)
  • + added metar button
  • + Tailnumber, departure and arrival airports are converted to uppercase

2019-01-06 Build#79

  • + “Live” Payload and Fuel weights from the plane are shown for easier comparision
  • + arrival coords are also checked when ending the flight
  • + after entering or pasting the flight number, you can load the FTW Flight directly by pressing ENTER
  • + Tailnumber can be changed (it's not used in FTW, but might change in the future)
  • ~ “Pirep sent” message now also shows the distance flown and a hint to continue in FTW now
  • ~ (hopefully) fixed the qnh for FSUIPC (not tested, please reports if it' still wrong)
  • ~ copilot texts changed for overspeed and stall
  • ! “Flight started” event is added again to the event list
  • - Removed “you are at the wrong airport” copilot message


2019-01-02 Build#77

  • ! Engine Start can only be triggered once in a flight and only before the takeoff phase
  • + AutoUpdater for Windows (you need to keep the directory structure to make it work!)
  • + Position output to KML file “currentPosition.kml” (can be auto-reloaded in Google Earth with a Netlink)
  • - there are no more critical events!
  • + SimRate and Warping are now shown as events
  • + Events are now logged to the LogFile


2018-12-31 Build#66

  • ! QuickFix for blocktime shorter than the flighttime!
  • ~ last Flight Times stay in the lower right corner until next flight is started
  • + Times are shown again in the “pirep successfully sent” message popup

2018-12-31 Build#65

  • + BlockTime now also starts with fallbacks on onStartTaxi and onTakeoff
  • ~ allowed a slightly bigger deviation before triggering the “wrong QNH on Takeoff” Event
  • + FlightEvents Log and CritEvents Log in “Flight Data” tab are clreared when flight tracking is started
  • + critical events are only triggered while flight tracking is running

2018-12-30 Build#61

  • ~ reworked times calculation from ground up
  • ~ BlockTime now starts when “engines on” is detected (fallbacks on onStartTaxi and onTakeoff)
  • ~ BlockTime now ends if “end flight” is pressed or “engines off” is detected
  • + real/block/flight times are shown in lower right with
  • + times are logged every 60secs with “debug” enabled


2018-12-29 Build#59

  • ~ FuelCheck and PayloadCheck Warnings can be ignored now
  • ~ Merged common events for XPUDP and FSUIP in a single function block
  • ! Events are only procecced after starting the flight
  • + Added some crit events for FSUIPC
  • + PauseTime is calculated for FSUIPC
  • ~ Event: TaxiWithoutTaxiLightOn is now detected at more than 5kts (was 2kts)

2018-12-29 Build#58

  • ! Switching between XPUDP and FSUIPC works seemlessly now
  • ! Mac/Linux can no longer select FSUIPC
  • ~ Lat/Lon in “Flight Data” no shows with 6 decimal digits

2018-12-27 Build#56

  • ~ changed “Update sent” from log to dbg
  • + added Warning “Update failed to send”
  • ~ fuelCheck now checks against a margin of +/- 3% of current fuel, no longer a fixed value
  • + MAC Build

2018-12-27 Build#53

  • ! Fuel weights should be as accurate as +/-1kg for up to 20tons of fuel
  • - UI rework - added total payload (pax+cargo), moved update buttons to top, …
  • + added “Check Payload” Option, blocked apply payload for now
  • ~ Live Server update time reduced from 60s to 15s
  • ~ WARPing is detected over a period of 15secs now … more than 0.3 triggers an event, more than 0.5 triggers flight cancelation
  • + FSUIPC: OAT; Pitch, Bank, Flaps
  • + Debug-Option to output the FSUIPC fuel tank, Light States, …
  • + added response Messagebox for sent PIREP

2018-12-20 Build#51

  • ! fixed and reworked update-notifier

2018-12-20 Build#50

  • - removed update-notifier, because it raised a segmentation fault

2018-12-19 Build#49

  • + added FSUIPC interface (drop down list in the lower left) with basic events, no crit events for now
    • switching back and forth between SimConnections might be glichty, so best is to change it once and never touch it again :-)
    • if Sim is not already running, connecting again after a connection error might not work propery - restart YAACARS to reconnect
  • + added ability to read the time compression ratios. If the “Sim Rate” becomes unequal to “1”, YAACARS will stop flight tracking for that period of time
  • + the “Sim Rate” is shown on the upper right corner of the “Flight Data” tab and the box gets orange when flight tracking stops
  • ~ raised the threshold for the WARPing detection a bit
  • + added hysteresis to climb/cruise/descent detection
  • ! fixed Nordgaard-Bug ;-)


2018-12-17 Build#45

  • Initial release
  • XPDUP only
  • Windows/Linux only
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