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From YAACARS 2.1 on you now can suspend a flight, exit your sim, close YAACARS and shutdown your computer.

The flight will stay “flying” within FTW.

Resume a flight that was proper suspended by the user

Note that the procedure with CTDs is explained in the FAQ section! FAQs CTD

from a saved situation

To resume your flight that you have proper suspended, you can load the last position of your plane (this can be done in X-Plane with saving and loading “situations”), get the flightplan with YAACARS and click “start flight” like you usually do.

from a nearby airport

If you don't have the option to continue flying from where you were when suspending the flight (because not supported by the sim or a specific plane model - or even because your sim crashed and you had to time to save the situation), you still have the option to pick any airport nearby your last location and continue your flight from there. YAACARS will provide the fuel that's left to refuel your plane in the sim and you start your flight as usual.

Aircraft List

List of compatible planes for resuming mid-flight from any kind of “save”:

  • X-Plane= “Saved Situation” from X-Plane
  • Custom= “Custom Save” from the Plane Plugin
  • none= “Cold and Dark” required (from nearby airport)
Plane X-Plane FSx P3D
Carenado Saab 340 X-Plane
JRollon CRJ200 none
Flight Factor A320 Custom

If you want to see your plane added, just drop me a line!

Find your last known location

Here are some ways to find your last known location:


You can have a look at the “Live Flugverfolgung” inside of FTW to see you last position.


You can see your last known location on the YAACARS LiveMap after the flightplan has been loaded into YAACARS from the FTW site.

The X marks your last known location; the plane is your current position


Please remember:

  • that you have to reach at least the 100% mark of flown miles and time to be able to bill the flight in FTW, so whereever you continue your flight from, make your you collect the miles/times needed to log the flight!
  • that airlines might claim back their planes after some hours, so it's never a good idea to suspend a “job market” job without asking the airline dispatcher for permission first!

If you want to start over completely from scratch and redo the full flight again, you can “reset flight” data and start from the original departure again!

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