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Translation of the FTW user manuals

Hey there!

So, german is not your native language? That's just fine for us :-)

We would love to deliver the documentation in any language, really, but there are some limitations, that makes it really hard for us to handle it!

  • the few people that are willing to write text can write well in german only
  • people for translating text are even harder to find (and harder to hold over time!)
  • if we do translations of the documentation, it's still very hard to keep each translation up-to-date, also

manual translation

Available translations are indicated by a highlighted “language icon” and should be shown automatically, when the browser language is detected accordingly. Translations can also be switched manually when clicking on the “language icon”, if highlighted.

If you have and thoughts or ideas on this, please let us know!

We want to find a way to provide good and up-to-date documentation for all users!


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