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My Assignments

The my assignments tab serves as a kind of temporary storage in Fly The World. This is where the picking of orders takes place. It is therefore decided which of the reserved orders are to be transported on the next flight and which are to remain in place. For this purpose, the order stock is divided into two areas: Departure Area (“My Orders”) and Waiting Area. Both lists are identical in structure and information content to those in the order planning, which is why no further description of the individual columns is necessary here. If required, a summary window is also available in the order backlog, which is considerably larger due to the two separate areas (departure and waiting area).

The “Available orders” button represents a reference - clicking on it leads to the order planning. The button “+ Put in waiting area” moves marked orders from the departure area to the waiting area. This means that they are no longer available for the next flight. If the marked orders are to be returned to the airport's order list and are thus available to all pilots again, simply click on the “Cancel marked orders” button. With “Move to departure area”, jobs are moved from the waiting area up to the departure area.

Note: As soon as a job is moved within a flight, its deadline is extended once by 48 hours! This function is intended to make it easier for airlines to collect jobs or exchange them among themselves.

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