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The Operational Level: Flight Operations

This area is where the actual flight operations are mapped. Orders are planned here, bunkered if necessary and ideally also flown. In addition, the own as well as the FTW-wide inventory of aircraft can be viewed from here, information on the individual airports can be called up and the activity in the virtual sky can be observed.

Job Planning: Since empty flights only cost money, but don't bring in any, the journey begins with job planning. From here, airports can be searched for jobs and suitable aircraft. Once the former are found, they land with a mouse click in the …

My Assingments: At this point, all jobs that a player has claimed for himself are listed. Other players no longer have access to these unless they are released, in order to then land back on the publicly accessible order list. The page is divided into two sections: “My orders” and “Waiting room”. The first area stores those jobs that are ready to go and therefore are also listed in the same place in the terminal. All other jobs end up in the waiting lounge to be flown later.

Hangar: In the Hangar section, all aircraft information can be accessed, which includes both available and unavailable aircraft. From here, suitable aircraft can be searched for, rented or purchased.

Airport Info: FTW specific as well as general information, details and pictures about airports can be retrieved from here. However, no jobs are listed, as that is what the Job Planning section is for.

Terminal: Once job planning is done, it's off to the terminal for flight planning. Here, job composition and all weights can be checked, refueling can be done and the flight can be started. In addition, important data on the rented aircraft is displayed and billing can be carried out after the flight.

Air Rescue: There will be a separate manual for air rescue when the live version is released.

Live Flight Tracking: This page graphically displays the current FTW air traffic on a world map. The required position data is provided by YAACARS.

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