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Details of assignments

Now each assignment brings a number of properties and thus important information for the pilot. These are displayed clearly in the order list, divided into several columns. Most columns offer a sorting function (alphabetically or in ascending/descending order of value) when their title is clicked. The first three columns have no title and are almost self-explanatory. For the sake of completeness, however, they should be mentioned briefly.

If you mouse over the price of a job, you will get the price per unit.

Logo: The logo of the airline whose FBO generated the job. For standard jobs generated by the system, only “FTW job” can be read here. If you move the mouse pointer over the logo, it will enlarge.

Checkbox: This is where orders are checked. A second click on the box will uncheck it. Sometimes the checkboxes uncheck themselves if several orders are checked in quick succession. This is a known bug popular feature to train the pilot's reaction skills.

Arrow: One click on it and additional information about the job is unfolded (screenshot on the right). The name of the route and the remarks can be set by the player. In case of problems with a job item, the ID is a good tool for support to look for problems. The ID is a sequential number and only occurs once.

Status: Indicates whether the job is in the process of being moved or is ready for departure.

From ICAO: Departure airport where the job was generated.

Act. Location: Airport where the job is currently located, if a stopover was made on the way to the destination.

According to ICAO: Destination airport. Once the job has arrived there, it is compensated and disappears from the list.

Quantity: The type and quantity of the job are displayed here.

Type or cargo type: There are only two options here: Passengers and Cargo.

Passenger weight: Indication of the weight of the passengers without luggage in kilograms.

Weight of luggage: Indication of the weight of the luggage without passengers in kilograms.

Order value: Equals the payment the pilot receives for successfully transporting the job.

Miles: Distance between departure and destination airports (as the crow flies, direct route).

Course: Direction indication to the destination airport in degrees.

Expires: Time by which the order must arrive at the destination airport. As soon as an order is moved (flight started), the deadline is extended once by 48 hours.

Bonus 1: For route jobs only! Percentage value indicating payment for route jobs for all players who do not belong to the corresponding airline.

Bonus 2: For route jobs only! Additional bonus for pilots of the associated airline that generated the job. Will be added to bonus 1.

Commission: Amount that goes to the airline if the job is converted to a mixed job.

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