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Out of date includes misinformations

Fly The World is a business simulation under development for users of various flight simulators such as Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS9, FSX, FSX SE), P3D and X-Plane.

Our offer is primarily aimed at Sim pilots who find the mere, more or less aimless flying around too boring or for whom the typical offer of virtual airlines is not challenging enough.

Fly The World adds an economic component and a career system to the simulation experience that will challenge players and require them to make economically reasonable decisions.

New players start as freelancers with a PPL-A license, can rent smaller airplanes and transport randomly generated orders from the start to the destination airport.

As they progress, i.e. with increasing assets and the acquisition of higher licenses, new opportunities open up for them, such as the purchase of aircraft or the establishment of their own airlines. It is also possible to set up entire networks of FBOs, terminals and other facilities in order to link them together by routes. It is up to the player to decide whether he wants to stand alone or join forces with other players. Nevertheless, other players can also appear as competitors, which can always present new challenges.

Notes on the beta phase

Fly The World is currently in the beta phase. Players are therefore also testers and encouraged to report bugs, problems and incomprehensible or completely meaningless correlations in the system to members of the development team as soon as possible.

Particular attention should be paid to mistakes and “leaks” that may give individual players unjustified advantages.

In the course of development it can happen that individual functions are fundamentally modified. This could result in certain business models no longer functioning as originally intended. We therefore ask all users who are already dedicated to building networks, empires and empires to take this into account. Although we try to avoid such situations as far as possible, nothing is set in stone here yet and the one or other collateral damage will certainly be deplorable at some point.

So please always keep one thing in mind: Beta phase = test phase.

Notes on the manual

This User Manual Part I: Fundamentals for Pilots covers the basic knowledge necessary for pilots who want to pursue a career as a freelancer or in an airline and covers the basic functions of Fly The World.

The User Manual Part II: Airlines explains all the functions required to operate your own airline and route network.

The Team

Members of Development (MOD)

Stefan.Klees: Chief developer, Java programmer and Saarlander. He got the ball rolling and with a true angel's patience he implements (almost) everything the other two developers think up when the day is too long. Contact: [email protected]

HerrHansson: Author of these lines, author of all other lines, chief administrator for the airports division and also Saarlander. He had the glorious idea of having to classify all 25,000 airports individually and by hand. Mr. Hansson has left the project due to time constraints.

Toffi: According to his own statement he has NOR on his doorstep, is therefore the proud owner of a VOR garden (note of the translator: the joke works just in german, but it comes around as something like: he owns a “frontyard” since “vor” can be translated as “front”), and is the chief administrator for aircrafts. Right, he decides which birds are allowed to fly here and which are not. Not a Saarlander.

Our thanks go to Sven (Ulle), who supported the development of FTW and unfortunately had to give up his function as MOD due to lack of time.


The current staff is already a good start, but in the long run Fly The World will not be able to be supported by the development team alone. Especially in the areas of airports and aircrafts we are dependent on support, because a lot of data has to be maintained here. So if you firmly believe in the success of FTW and feel called to support us, you are cordially invited to do so!

Aircraft Administration: In this area aircraft data is collected, updated, verified and entered. In addition, there are always new models from add-on manufacturers that also need to be included in our system. If you know your way around here and would like to help, Toffi (Peter) is the right contact person for you.

Airport Administration: More than 25,000 airports in total want to be entered into FTW's database and kept up-to-date - and every day new ones can be added and old ones closed. There is always something to do here and anyone who would like to support us in this area should contact Mr Hansson (Lars).

General support: If you would rather help other users to find their way in the complex world of FTW and are familiar with the functions, you can make a name for yourself as a helping hand in the support via forum, discord or e-mail.

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