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Flying without orders: empty and transfer flights

Sometimes it may be necessary to move an aircraft from A to B without orders. A typical example of this is transfers of new aircraft from the factory to the base. If no jobs are taken along, FTW first of all does not know where the journey should actually go. Therefore, the destination must be entered manually in YAACARS for an empty flight. After starting the flight in the FTW terminal, the flight data is requested via the corresponding button in Yaacars. Then simply enter the ICAO code of the destination airport in the “Arrival” field and start the flight normally. In the “Departure” dialog on the start page, no destination will be displayed for this flight, but the destination airport will be visible in the live flight path tracking, since it is based on Yaacars data.

When you arrive at your destination, you end your flight as usual via Yaacars and FTW and pay your fees. Tadaa, the plane is at the desired destination.

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