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Airports in FTW

In Fly The World there are about 25,000 airports. The airport administration strives to represent these as realistically as possible in FTW. The decisive factor is therefore whether an airport exists in reality, regardless of whether it is also included as scenery in the individual simulators. Pilots are therefore well advised to check whether their destination even exists in the simulator, especially in the case of small, rather unknown airports. In the airport details, corresponding notes have already been made in many cases and references to sceneries have been provided, with which many a gap can be filled.

Furthermore, the airport database is anything but static. If a new airport is opened in reality, we also add it to our database. If an airport is closed, its fate will also be reflected in FTW - albeit with a time delay to allow players to react to it. However, there are three exceptions to this rule, known internally as the “Highly Holy Three.” These are airports that simply must continue to exist because of their uniqueness or importance to aviation history, even though little may remain of them in reality.

Examples are:

  • EDDI - Berlin Tempelhof
  • VHHX - Hong Kong Kai Tak
  • KCGX - Chicago Meigs Field
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