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Airport details

ID: Consecutive identification number of the airports.

Name: Name of the airport (e.g. Amsterdam Schiphol, Hamburg Airport “Helmut Schmidt”).

City: City to which the airport is assigned. Usually unambiguous, but confusion can still occur. Example: EDFH, which is known not to belong to Frankfurt, even if some airlines call it so.

Latitude/Longitude: Coordinates in decimal form

State: Federal state, federal state or province.

Pavement: The pavement of the runway can be specified here.

Runway length: Length of the longest runway in meters.

ICAO: ICAO code of the airport.

Country: State in which the airport is located or to which it is assigned.

Height (ft.): Height of the airport in feet.

Availability: This determines whether an airport is displayed or used in the game at all (regardless of class). Currently still without function!

NOTAM: NOTAMs are additional information player. Here, for example, it can be pointed out that an airport is not included by default in a particular simulator.

Dispatched: This shows whether a member of the FTW team has defined specific destinations from this airport for the FTW standard jobs, or whether there are only “random” destinations for them.

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