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There are in general many airplanes in FTW from the FTW stock or users to buy (Attention: Users can set the prices themselves, you don't have to buy from everyone.), if the desired model is not available you can order it (if available in the DB):

Attention: It should be noted that certain very exclusive aircraft types (ACJ, BBJ, business jet variants of airliners in general) are limited to the quantity of 2 aircraft of one type per airline/user/user group. This is to ensure that special aircraft types continue to exist as such, do not become mass-produced and that FTW retains a certain balance.

If users/airlines/user groups find and use any ways to circumvent this rule, this will be considered as an attempt to cheat and will be punished accordingly, you are not cheating FTW, but all other users - such behaviour will not be tolerated by us. This also includes selling, borrowing, moving, sharing, … such machines with a user/airline/user group that has already reached its machine type limit.

Of course, it is not possible to anticipate every theoretical attempt at circumvention and to mention and prohibit it explicitly, but the principle of the rule is more than clear and we ask you, for the sake of all users, not to make any attempts to circumvent this rule.

You can buy an airplane in FTW via the Hangar. You search for the model and check if the plane is for sale. (1) If the plane is sold by players, the prices may differ a lot from the FTW price list. (2)

If the object of desire is available for purchase select it in the hangar and click on the shopping cart now you can make some settings and confirm the purchase.

If the model you want is not available for purchase, you can have a specific model delivered to the place of your choice (, once it has been delivered you can take the path described above to buy it.

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