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For the curious and strategists: The Market

The Market section maps what happens outside of your own ventures or activities.

Companies in FTW: This page lists operating fuel prices, all gas stations in FTW, and all registered airlines. It thus provides a good initial overview of which players are concentrating their activities in which area and where competition can currently be expected.

Job market: Here it is possible to accept flights offered by player airlines.

Aircraft market: Can be used to buy or sell aircraft.

Hall of Fame: Which pilots are particularly successful on FTW? Our Hall of Fame provides information about them.

Airport Overview (Map): Here players can get an overview of the airports currently included in FTW. Important during the beta phase: Here you can see which airports have already been classified and which have not.

The FTW Herald: The latest news about what's happening in FTW. Just check back from time to time!

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