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In FTW there are a total of four licences, which reflect the pilot's flying experience and can thus be acquired in the course of a pilot's career. Each licence requires a certain number of flight hours to be issued. In addition, certain type ratings are unlocked with each new licence.

Licence Hours required Type Ratings/Class
PPL-A ⇒ Private Pilot Licence (Airplanes) 0 Light/SPA (Small Piston Aircraft)
CPL ⇒ Commercial Pilot Licence 100 Light/HPA (High Performance Aircraft)
MPL ⇒ Multi-Crew Pilot License 250 Medium (Narrowbodies and Regional Jets)
ATPL ⇒ Airline Transport Pilot License 750 Heavy (Widebodies)

All licences are automatically issued to the pilot once the required number of hours has been achieved.

**The Type Rating or the class Light/SPA is available to every pilot from the beginning. It is the only type rating that covers several models from different manufacturers.

These are mainly small propeller machines with piston engines. If you are flying exclusively as a freelancer and would like to rent aircraft privately to fly on your own account, the restrictions as listed in the table above apply.

If, on the other hand, you are flying for an airline, you can fly larger aircraft right from the start. Provided the airlines offer the desired aircraft and you have it in your simulation. If you take jobmarket offers, you can fly everything from the start. If you take the plane by yourself and load airline assignments by hand, you can fly one licence above your own.

If these requirements are met, a type rating can be started. The airline can - but does not have to! - assume the costs for this type rating or make the assumption of costs subject to certain conditions (e.g. minimum number of flight hours or company hours).

Those in possession of a full CPL or MPL licence can also rent the aircraft of the corresponding class again for their own account and fly assignments with them. In addition, if they fly for an airline and have the appropriate type rating, they may also fly widebodies when they obtain the MPL licence. Only after obtaining the ATPL licence may widebodies (e.g. 747-400, MD11 or A340) be hired privately and no restrictions apply - apart from the necessary type ratings.

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