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Licenses, ranks and type ratings - the career system

Every pilot new to FTW starts at the bottom of the career ladder with a PPL-A license and the rank of Second Officer.

As he gains experience, he will obtain new licenses and move up in rank as appropriate. This also allows him to earn new type ratings, expanding the range of aircraft he can fly at no additional cost.

As in real aviation, Flight Hours (FH) are the most important measure for this. In addition, FTW also counts the Company Hours, i.e. the hours that a pilot flies on behalf of an airline. The flight hours are decisive when it comes to issuing licenses.

The licenses, in turn, are a prerequisite for certain type ratings. The Company Hours, on the other hand, are only decisive for the pilot's rank - which, in addition to a nice badge, not only brings prestige, but also cash.

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