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Membership in airlines

The subject of airlines will be dealt with only relatively briefly in this handbook, and will primarily focus on membership from the perspective of the pilot employed there. A step that should not be should not be passed over unthinkingly! Anyone who is already planning to launch their own airline would do well to would be well advised to spend some time gaining experience in an existing company. Although this is not a mandatory requirement, it should at least be seen as an urgent recommendation. recommendation. In this way, it is possible to get an idea in advance of the effort and expense involved in setting up one's own airline entails. In addition, the experience gained in this way can be very helpful later in planning and organizing your own company. organization of one's own company.

Is membership in an airline worth it?

This question cannot be answered in a general way, because whether something is worthwhile or not depends on the expectations of the player. expectations of the player. It may already be enough if the airline owns exactly those aircraft types that the player particularly likes to fly. However, it can also cover a certain region that is particularly appealing. With the payment at least one characteristic is available, with which a measurement is possible. Those who fly on their own account have full control over costs and revenues. A circumstance that tends to obscure the fact that this type of flying is by no means the most profitable. the most profitable.

Where can I find information on existing airlines?

The choice of airlines from the most countries is growing from day to day. The decision which one to join depends mostly on the aircraft used and the on the aircraft used and the destinations flown to. destinations. A good overview is offered to new and experienced players the company overview in the Market. Here they can find out the latest key figures the respective companies. Furthermore all FBOs, terminals, routes, service stations, pilots and fuel stations, pilots and managers.

When looking for the right airline, a look at one of the forums can be a look in one of the forums can be helpful. In the FTW forum the FTW-Hangar section is available to introduce yourself to the users. users. Here pilots can introduce themselves to an airline and make contact.

How do I become a member of an airline?

To become a member of an airline, it is enough to write to its owner or to one of the managers, if there is one manager, if there is one, and ask to be accepted. This can be done in one of the forums as well as by pin. You can find out the owners and managers of an airline through the menu “Market - Companies” menu.

Once the recruitment has been made, the new pilot will automatically receive a message of confirmation. Of course it is possible to be a member of more than one airline at the same time. This does not apply however, does not apply to the position of manager. After all, this is a responsible job, which is why Therefore, each player can only be a manager of one airline. In order to keep track of current memberships, they are listed in the statistics section under “My memberships”. listed. To leave an airline again, just click on the button to the left of the the logo.

What should I look for when traveling for an airline?

Each airline can set its own rules for flying. These should of course be found out before the first flight. However, there are also one or two best practice that should be followed:

  • Terminate the lease when the aircraft is no longer needed. This makes it available to other pilots again.
  • Pay attention to economic efficiency. Large aircraft incur high costs and should only be leased and flown if a utilization rate can be achieved that allows economically viable operation.
  • Use infrastructure. If you are traveling for an airline, you should also use its terminals and refueling stations to keep costs as low as possible.
  • Leave an airline when there is no longer any interest. No company has an interest in having more deadbeats on its roster than active pilots.
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