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Conversion of airplanes

Passenger planes can be converted to cargo planes, provided that a conversion is planned for the corresponding aircraft.

Whether an aircraft can be converted can be found in the details of the aircraft in the hangar

The conversion is done in the service hangar and is only carried out by FTW Aircraft Stock, private service hangars cannot convert aircraft.

After clicking on the button “Convert aircraft” a new window opens:

All relevant data for the conversion are displayed here. The conversion is started by clicking the button “Convert aircraft”. A started modification cannot be stopped or undone.

The costs for the conversion will be deducted immediately from the deposited account. If there is not enough credit on the bank account, the conversion will not be carried out and will be displayed as a message in the upper right corner.

If the conversion was started successfully you can see the data in the hangar under the details. The aircraft will be completely overhauled including a new C-check.

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