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This is not a complete tutorial, but it shows how the missions work or the steps necessary to complete them.

Procedure of a mission:

  • Select mission in FTW
  • Open mission map (and leave it open!)
    • on the one hand this is the primary navigation for you (at the bottom you will also see direction, time to the next waypoint, etc.)
    • furthermore the refresh rate determines how often FTW is checked to see if you have reached a waypoint! This is especially important if you are “flying through” waypoints, because the update time controls the recognition time in FTW (this might not be very nice, but you just have to know it to handle it correctly!)
    • after a server maintenance you have to open the map manually again to make the tracking work (again)!
  • start the flight in YAACARS: refuelling and payload are not important at the moment. You can also use any aircraft for what you like.
  • Then the waypoints are flown (in the right order, clear) and each waypoint flag must turn green, otherwise the waypoint is not considered completed.
  • When you have reached the last waypoint and all waypoints are green, YAACARS must be finished
  • then close the map (and if necessary click again on the mission module to update it?) and then you should see an icon at the bottom of the mission description, which you can use to account/finish the mission.

further hints:

  • **At the moment the missions do not work with FS2020 and FSUIPC. Please use the connection via YASA 0.2 or higher at the moment!
  • You can leave the module in FTW during the mission. The mission is not lost, but tracking is interrupted until you call up the “missions” module in FTW again.
  • The mission can also be aborted at any time by clicking on the trash can icon

For mission creators:

  • at the first waypoint “must land” must always be active
  • is not set to 0 or -1 for “Height”, then we will check for this height EXACTLY at the moment (so just don't use it!)
  • if the waypoint is overflown, then take a recognition radius according to the airspeed, so that the waypoint can be recognized “safely” when overflying.
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