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The communication between the flight simulator and Fly The World is established with the program YAACARS. it is a recording program (tracking tool), with the help of which it is possible to track whether and how a pilot has performed a flight. Before and after the flight, certain parameters are queried by YAACARS for control purposes, and during the flight the flight route is recorded.

The documentation for YAACARS can be found here:

YAACARS documentation


  • YAACARS can be installed in any folder - even outside the flight simulator.
  • FS9, FSX and P3D users should make sure they have the latest version of FSUIPC installed beforehand.

* MSFS Users can use our own tool, YASA. You can find that in the download section.

Flight Execution

  1. Prepare your flight in FTW (load and refuel the aircraft).
  2. Start your flight simulator.
  3. Start the YAACARS program.
  4. Click on “Start flight” in the FTW terminal. The button will then become inactive.
  5. Click on “ACARS - Show flight info” in the FTW terminal. The window “ACARS flight information” will open. Here you can access SimBrief for flight planning and view more flight details.
  6. In YACARS, on the “Flight Plan” tab, click on the “get flight plane data” button to have YAACARS get the data from FTW.
  7. Now follows the normal flight preparation in the flight simulator. Pay attention to the correct amount of fuel and the correct loading of the aircraft. There are also two LUA scripts for X-Plane that can simplify loading.
  8. Click on the YAACARS button at the bottom on “Start Flight”. It is best to include this item in the Before Start Checklist - this will save frustration, because from now on the flight will be recorded and ultimately nothing can be evaluated that was not recorded before.
  9. Now carry out your flight as normal.
  10. When you arrive at the gate of your destination airport, switch off the engines and set the parking brake.
  11. Now you can click on “End Flight” in the lower right corner of YAACARS, then the flight data will be transmitted to FTW.
  12. Now go back to the FTW terminal and click on “End Flight”.
  13. Afterwards you can select the terminals for departure and destination airport in the billing area and have the flight billed.

Please note

  • After a flight has been started via YAACARS, it will be displayed graphically in the live flight tracking. If this is not the case, something has gone wrong and you run the risk that your flight will not be charged or rated!
  • If you terminate a flight prematurely in YAACARS “Cancel”, because you may have forgotten or entered something incorrectly, cancel the flight also in FTW (button “Cancel Flight” is located on the far right). You need a new FTW flight number to restart the flight with YAACARS.


If you have problems with installation or setup, please post a message in the forum The post title should then start with YAACARS, e.g. “YAACARS - I can't get this installed”.

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